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Summer Blast Coupon Books!

Today, we started our Summer Blast Coupon Book fundraiser! There are so many great prizes for the students to win - the more books they sell, the more draws they are entered into and the more money goes toward good things for our school like a new deep freeze (for Menchie's sales) and an A/V cabinet (for movie nights, presentations, assemblies, etc)! We also hope to throw a big end of the year party but we need your help!

Brainstorm with your child some people in your circle of friends or family that could buy this coupon book - they are $25/book. Your child must bring back the money + the payment stub from the back of the book in order to be entered into daily draws for prizes.

If you do not wish to sell coupon books, please send them back to the school right away so that other students can sell them.

The last day to return books and money is April 20th - the Monday after the Easter break.

The school website has a great informational post about the coupon books - please click here for more information.

If you have any questions about the fundraiser, please email the SCC at

Thank you for your support! We hope everyone is successful in their sales!