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Outdoor Learning Space

In 2015, the EMSCC proposed the building of an outdoor learning space, such as an outdoor classroom to enhance the school environment for students, teachers, and the community.

Research shows that students better absorb and retain math, science, language arts, and other skills that incorporate their immediate environment and use all five senses (Lieberman and Hoody 1998). These positive educational impacts are especially strong when outdoor activities are an integral part of the structured curriculum (Learning through Landscapes 2008).

Three key groups would benefit greatly from this space: 1) students and teachers of the school as an alternative classroom, 2) senior students for for social development and activities, and 3) the families of the greater Albert Park Community beyond school hours.

All the resources and equipment will be supplied by Board approved vendors, and will be constructed with high quality products and low maintenance materials designed for our climate and usage.

We are grateful to be teaming up with the staff and students in reaching our fundraising goal of $45,000 for this project. We have a total of $7,500 raised so far towards this goal.

Our targeted timeline for the fundraising is the end of the school year, 2017-18, so that construction will be completed during the summer of 2018.

Stay tuned for community input on design, fundraising activities, and more!