Room Parent Program

The Ethel Milliken School Community Council (EMSCC) is excited to launch a Room Parents Program for this school year! The Room Parent program is a best practice found in many schools in other city centers with the purpose of building collaborative relationships between the three key groups of our school community: students, teachers & staff, and families. It serves to support our teachers, improve communication, and build better relationships within our community.

This initiative supports the mission of EMSCC:

“The Ethel Milliken School Community Council is established to facilitate continuing communication and promote mutual understanding between Ethel Milliken School and the community. The Council has a shared responsibility for the learning success and the well-being of all students. It is also responsible for encouraging and facilitating parent/guardian and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes.”

ABOUT Room Parents Program

A room parent is the “lead” volunteer of a classroom, an extension of assistance for the teacher and other families. The specifics of the position vary from class to class, based on the mutual understanding of the teacher and the volunteer parents. Essentially, a room parent assists with communication between a teacher, other parents, the school community council, and occasionally, school administration.


Being a room parent is an inside look at how the school operates. The Room Parents learn about their respective classroom and the school, have opportunities to meet other parents, become acquainted with school staff and socialize with a variety of adults invested in the school’s success. Volunteering is also a great example for children, an opportunity to illustrate the benefits of giving back to a community.


The Room Parents coordinate and communicate among other families and the teacher. Some room parents will act as a liaison with the School Parent Group, and very occasionally school staff. The expectations for each class will vary slightly, but for the most part you’ll coordinate donations for classroom parties and events, collect money for teacher gifts, help organize volunteers for the classroom and events, and other miscellaneous tasks the teacher and SCC might request.


Responsibilities may include:

  • Create and maintain an up-to-date list of contact information for all parents, recruit and coordinate volunteers for classroom support, school events, and field trips

  • Collect money from parents and organize teacher gifts at holidays, during teacher appreciation week, and or end of the year

  • Send out reminders about events, activities, field trips, etc.

  • Attend the occasional parent group meetings.

  • Organize class parties, usually around a specific topic or theme.

  • Tasks can be managed around existing schedules Support Provided by EMSCC

The goal of the Council is to have two Room Parents in each classroom. The Council will provide basic resources to the Room Parent to help facilitate communication between respected parties. The Council will also provide structure and guidelines for the volunteers, teachers, families, and school staff.

If there are multiple parents eligible for one classroom, the selection will take place at a Council meeting, where names of eligible parents will be selected at random.

All parents and guardians are encouraged to volunteer. If you have any questions about the Program, contact Jill at 306-530-6411

If you are interested in being a part of the Room Parents Program, send an email with the following information to