The Ethel Milliken School Community Council is established to facilitate continuing communication and promote mutual understanding between Ethel Milliken School and the community. The Council has a shared responsibility for the learning success and the well-being of all students. It is also responsible for encouraging and facilitating parent/guardian and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes.

Council Executive & Members

  1. Chair:  Kiersten Taylor

  2. Vice-Chair: vacant

  3. Past=Chair: Jill Poulton

  4. Treasurer: Brittany Staines

  5. Secretary: vacant

  6. Communications: Lanna LePage

  7. Members at Large: Lorraine Krogsgaard, Jessica Simcak, Terri Navid, Tanya Craig


Principal: Hillary Ibbott-Neiszner, Acting Vice-Principal: Linnea Wiszniak 


We meet once per month to determine in what ways we can best support the school and community.


Check our Facebook Page for meeting dates and times, or email us at emscommcouncil@gmail.com


In the Classroom


  • Any parent or guardian can join the group

  • Consider joining the council, or volunteering for an upcoming event

  • We provide support for the strategic learning objectives of the school

  • We provide volunteer and financial support for various projects as directed by the SCC

  • We plan and host community engagement events such as movie nights, family dances, and more

  • We raise funds for school community needs where monies are not provided by Regina Public Schools

  • Learn about activities taking place at Ethel Milliken School

  • Collaborate with teachers and staff in creating a positive learning environment for all